The Celebration Pfullingen prefabricated house from Bien-Zenker is a product, which shows a high quality and also fulfills the requirements for design and ecology. The architecture of the Celebration Pfullingen is simple, trendy and features practical details. The optic is dominated by a flat saddle roof with a high jamb. This creates two living areas of about the same size each. Other dominating parts are the flat roof dwarf gable at the entrance and the design of the windows with its straight geometry and unsual forms. Celebration Pfullingen is an energy-efficient house according to KfW-standard. The house features a comfort house technology, which takes care of energy-efficient heating, cooling, controlled aeration with heat recovery and service water by using a double heat pump. Particularly interesting: the new Plus-Energy heat pump technology, which produced all energy for the heat pump through a PV system.

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