The RENSCH-HAUS show house, which carries the name „Innovation R“ just as the whole concept, looks modern at the first glance. Distinctive cubic elements such as the flat roof extension or the two-story bay give a trendy character to the classical saddle roof architecture. The clear forms are prolonged in the indicated enclosure of the terrace and the roof of the entrance. Coloured parts on the siding set effective accents and underline the generous glazing. The high jamb of 2.25 m creates two full floors with a total of 168 m2 living area. Inside, the openly designed ground floor is light and wide. The lounge-dining area is 35 m2 large with two doors to the terrace and connects seamlessly with the spacious kitchen that features a cooking isle. The one-story extension opens up through the hall and lies separately. The rooms in the ground floor are completed by a large guest room and a bathroom with toilet and shower. Via a platform stairway you reach the attic. There, you can find a special highlight of the family-oriented show house. Two nearly identical kids rooms frame an open dressing and playing area which is located in the larger of the two bays and offers additional access to the roofed balcony. The new show house “Innovation R” also is top with regard to energy efficiency and sustainability. The heating technology with air-water heat pump, a floor heating with cooling function and a controlled aeration plant with heat recovery provides agreeable temperatures at any time of the year independent from fossil fuel. The pre-installed photovoltaic system with battery storage is also future-oriented. The ecological and highly efficient building technology thus doesn’t only fulfill latest requirements, but also helps the building owner to save energy costs permanently. All in all, the show house “Innovation R” represents a modern, family friendly living concept with fresh ideas, offering individual and up-to-date solutions for demanding building owners.

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