Caso Novea

Three individual appliances are combined in the Caso Novea breakfast – Toaster T4, Drip Coffee Maker C4 and Hand Blender B4. They share the same unitary design, operating structure and high-quality appearance. The toaster can simultaneously toast up to four slices in long slits. Besides an indicator of the remaining time, it features a button which saves energy by heating only one slit. The 1,200 watt hand blender churns food at up to 22,000 revolutions. Besides its 1.7-litre jug, it offers a single-serve attachment with integrated blades and a capacity of 0.6 litres. The Coffee Maker C4 has a removable water container and a gold permanent filter that makes traditional paper filters obsolete.

+ Unitary design of toaster, coffee maker and hand blender
+ Touch-button operation
+ Individual characteristics

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