The Friopac heat station is a low-maintenance, simple device instead of heat pump, buffer and boiler. The hygiene system storage (heating storage with an integrated service water heat exchanger) is complemented by integrated air/refrigerant heat exchangers (condenser coils). Thanks to the innovative technology, the different heating circuits are reduced to a minimum and constant high temperatures are reached. At the same time, the heat station offers a high quality, functionality and ecology. Different from standard heat pumps, the preparation of the service water is done directly with the high temperatures that result from the change in the phases of the refrigerant from gaseous to fluid. This results in service water temperatures according to the hygienic norms without any performance loss of the heat pump. Thus, the Friopac is the only heat pump which can be optimally used for high temperature or mixed temperature systems for heating systems in case of renovation. For the manufacturing of the Friopac heat station, only high quality materials such as stainless steel are used. By the control of the heat circuits, the Friopac heat station needs only little power, making the system extremely energy efficient.

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