Maxxcuisine Perfect Chopper

Strictly speaking, it is quite absurd that the 10th edition of the Mercedes E-class still ranks as upper middle class. According to its manufacturing, materials, equipment, technology and size, the 4.93 meter long “boat” can be surely be counted as upper class. Wood with open pores, leathered doors, LED-lighting for the interior with 64 colors, heated armrests and a large selection of displays, security and comfort automatic programs create the impression of not driving a car, but travelling from A to B in the first class of a jet. Adaptive air suspension, 9-gear automatic drive and a whole bunch of assistant systems for breaking, evasion, steering, parking and keeping on track make driving as secure as in the lap of the gods. The sophisticated aerodynamics with a cW value of 0.23 together with latest drive technology secures low consumption as well as extremely low wind noise.

+  Serial production technology carrier
+  Driving comfort in the extra class
+  High-end manufacturing

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