The Pentax 645Z offers the image quality and ease of use of a medium format camera in a casing which is not much larger than a professional DSLR camera. With its 53 mega pixel on a 44 x 33 mm large sensor, this camera is one step ahead of even the most high-end system cameras with and without a mirror. Being a camera for professional photographers or demanding amateurs, the 645Z doesn’t only feature a high-end manufacturing, but is also protected against dust and spray water. It offers Live-View thanks to the 3.2 inch large display at the rear. By an optional WiFi plug-in card, it can be upgraded for Tethered Shooting with remote control via the smart phone. This Pentax FluCard is stored in one of the two memory card slots and offers an additional storage of 16 Gigabyte.

+   Digital medium format camera with 53 mega pixel resolution
+   Casing protected against spray water and dust
+   Two memory card slots, one of which can be equipped with WLAN

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