Sous-Vide cooking, the slow, gentle cooking of high-end food at low temperatures, is trendy. The Unold 58905 Sous-Vide Stick turns every pot into a Sous-Vide device, saving valuable space especially in small kitchens. Disrespectfully, you could call the Sous-Vide Stick an immersion heater – and that’s what it is. But it can do much more. It changes every temperature-resistant jar with a minimum height of 18 centimeters into a Sous-Vide cooker. Just like an immersion heater, it heats up water, not to boiling temperature, but to values between 50 and 95 degrees, with exactness of plus/minus 0.5 degrees. An integrated circulation pump guarantees that there are no heat nests in the water-bath, but the vacuumed food is washed round at a constant temperature. An LC display shows the current exact temperature.

+ Steady, slow cooking at low temperatures
+ Sous-Vide cooking in every pot with the required size
+ Circulation pump guarantees an even distribution of the temperature

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